I wanted to set up & practically use a Tailscale tailnet for all of my devices.

I also have been using OpenAI’s API to help with various coding tasks, and I wanted to host a little ChatGPT-clone locally somewhere that only I could access, instead of having to spin up a docker image on my machine each time I wanted to use it. (The ChatGPT lookalike can be found here . I’m using the legacy branch since the current main seems a little over the top for my needs.)

Blending the two together, I added all of my devices to a new tailnet. This was so nerdy and so fun. Then I broke out my old Raspberry Pi 4, dusted it off, and got a little ChatGPT clone running on it and exposed on port 80.

Now, any devices on my tailnet can access http://thinster (the name of my raspberry pi) and see the ChatGPT look alike.

A nice, simple project to start the year! And as a bonus, I set up my Apple TV as an exit node and was able to cancel my NordVPN subscription 😃.