Do you need sleep?

Do you enjoy walking barefoot around the house?

Do you ever fall asleep to the sound of a baseball game on a Sunday afternoon?

When was the last time you smelled curdled milk?

How often do you currently vacuum your car?

When was the last time you were bitten?

Have you ever washed poop out of carpet?

Have you ever washed poop out of your hair?

How long does it currently take you to unload the dishwasher?

Have you ever had to carry 8 items through security at the airport?

Do you know who Raffi is?

When was the last time you experienced temporary hearing loss?

When was the last time you played with blocks?

Have you ever witnessed a human’s first laugh?

Do you know the warm comfort of a toddler falling asleep on your shoulder?

Do you enjoy the sight of unmitigated joy on somebody’s face when they see you walk in the room?

Have you considered what it means for somebody to call you “dad”?

What is the deepest moment of gratitude you have ever felt for life?

Do you want to grow closer to your spouse than you ever have before?

How much love do you currently think you are capable of giving?

Do you cherish an impetus to strive and become a better human each and every day?

Would you like the opportunity of experiencing everything — everything — for the first time all over again?

Do you look to the future with optimism and hope?

How often, would you say, do you consider the passage of time, the beauty of life, and the simultaneous inevitability of your own mortality?

Do you want to experience every facet of the human condition to its fullest?

And lastly, have you ever felt all the emotions these questions invoked in the same day? And sometimes, the same hour even?